An Unknown Super Lotto plus Player Holds a Ticket worth More Than $20,000

In East Hollywood, a Superlotto Plus player has been reported to be holding a ticket worth $20,000. The ticket is unregistered, but it had five matching numbers without a mega number. There were two tickets with five matching numbers, and the other one was sold at the Long Beach which the owner went to claim the prize. The Superlotto Plus jackpot for that Saturday draw was $39 million which is why many people tried their luck. There was no single ticket that won the jackpot, but a good number of people won bonuses.

The Winning Numbers of the Wednesday’s Draw

The Superlotto Plus winning numbers were 8, 20, 24, 27, 34, and the Mega number was 13. No one matched all of them, but at least there were two people who matched five numbers. This was the 30th draw after the ticket with six numbers was sold. This is why the jackpot is among the biggest lottery jackpots people can win since it has been accumulating for many weeks. The winning numbers are also known to have a different and new sequence because people had already formulated their own sequences based on the former occurrence of the numbers.

The Unknown Player’s Winnings

$20,000 is not a small amount of money, and it should not be left unclaimed for long. It is a life changing amount that should have been claimed several hours after the Superlotto Plus Results were announced. It is very unfortunate that people throw their tickets away after buying them because they think that there is nothing good that is going to come from their selections. You cannot claim your prize if you don’t have the ticket especially if the ticket was not registered in the super lotto plus systems.

The other winners from various divisions already claimed their rewards, but only this one is remaining. It is going to be added back to the prize pool for people to continue competing for. These incidences in which rewards go unclaimed are becoming common because people play the game for fun. It is good to play the game for fun but make sure that you claim your prize when you win. Don’t throw away your ticket because you never know what fate has in store for you. It does not matter if you have been playing the game without winning, you can become a winner anytime.

Make sure that you scan your ticket at the local super lotto retailer and confirm if you have won something or not. When you realize you have a reward, you will have to go to the super lotto authorities and ensure that you claim your reward. If you don’t go with your ticket, no reward is going to be given to you. Buy more than one ticket to increase your winning chances. In this game, you can play as many draws as you want as long as you have enough stake to buy the tickets.

A Waiter at a Local Cafe Won the UK49s Jackpot

Joseph Smith, (not his real name) a waiter at a local café in Norfolk Street is done waiting for his good fortune to come. Every day, Mr. Smith makes sure that he will never miss a day in his work to guarantee that he will take home his entire £260 weekly salary. Sometimes, he also takes some extra work to make certain that he will have the money to pay for his monthly rent and bills. However, after winning the UK49s jackpot prize of £4.1 million, Smith can now retire his old apron and live a comfortable life.

The UK49s Winning Story of Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith, 25 years of age who lives in Westminster, London has been religiously playing the UK49s online for more than 2 years now. Though he had never experienced winning even the small jackpot before, somehow, he knew that he will eventually hit the jackpot. He told the press that he almost forgot to place his bet on that day. “I was too tired on that day since I have to take an extra work. I feel like I don’t have the extra energy to even lift my feet. Then I realized that I have to place my bet at UK49.” Smith always makes sure that he will place his bet on the lottery game.

Ladbrokes-Coral the operators of 49s game.

On the following day, Smith became too busy on his work and on his part-time work at a nearby shop. When he was taking the order of one of their customers, he overheard the people from the other table saying that the jackpot prize of £4.1 million has a lone winner. He remembered about his ticket and told himself that he had to check the UK49s results and find out if he at least won the minor jackpot. When he returned home, he immediately checked the result online, and he was astounded when he found out that the winning numbers matched the digits on his ticket. He had to check it for 5 times before he decided to call the national lottery office.

When the press asked Mr. Smith about his plan on his UK49s jackpot prize, he told them that he is planning to take his parents to a Caribbean Tour. As a kid, they lived a below average life, but he said that he is not blaming his parents about their life because they are somehow happy. He is also planning to take his father to Disneyland at California, USA. His father used to work as an attendant at a small theme park. Unfortunately, the management had to lay him off due to the low revenue. After that, his father no longer takes them to any rides. He told the press that he wants to erase all the bad memories of his father regarding theme park.

Smith also said that wants to take a short course about mechanical stuff since he wants to have his own mechanical shop in his hometown. For the meantime, he still plans to continue his work and finish his contract before leaving his work and using his UK49s winnings.

Set For Life Story Of Win

 The Fascinating Response of Set for Life Lotto Winner After winning First Prize of $20,000 each month for 20 year

A lady from Victoria, Bacchus Marsh in her forties was today informed that she was a winner of TattsLotto First Prize draw for Set for Life. This signifies that she is the recipient of $20,000 each month for the coming 20 years!

‘Oh God! Oh God! We have suffered for such a long time!’ she screamed, while crying.

‘This is totally awesome! I am pacing up and down as it is impossible for me to remain still!’

‘In life, we have not owned anything and it has been a huge challenge. Today, I feel as if I am the most fortunate lady in the entire universe!’

The ecstatic woman was overwhelmed with thrill and emotions, due to the opportunities available in life now that Set for Life had enabled this.

‘It is now possible for me to retire! For many years, it has been my wish to retire. This is because I have invested a lot of time in this work. Today, I can be available for my family and spend maximum time with them,’ she shouted.

‘I will manage to settle my debt and purchase a home! This is truly possible!

‘I will obtain a passport and travel! I shall manage to take my family to the North Pole, which is something that we have always wanted, so as to view the Northern Lights and go to Santa Claus Village!

‘We shall all embark on a cruise also! I will go through your ads to get an area that is similar to the Maldives and visit!’

According to the lady, she was very inexperienced in playing Set for Life. ‘It is hard to believe. Two months back, my mother-in-law stated that,  ‘you need to give Set for Life a try.’

‘Therefore, every week we have just been playing 2-sets for a short time,’ she remarked.

‘We only had a single set with just random figures and one set. We selected our individual numbers using our particular family numbers! At no point did I ever anticipate that we would be winners of the first prize!’

The lady purchased her winning tickets for Set for Life at Woodgrove Lotto in Melon West at Woodgrove Shopping Centre. Woodgrove Lotto owner, Angela Critelli said it made her so excited to learn that it had sold the 15th 1st prize winning entry for Set for Life.

‘This is wonderful news for our fortunate customer. It becomes even more special as it is the initial huge winning entry that we have sold from the time we assumed Woodgrove Lotto ownership just five months back.’

‘This win is an indication that dreams can turn into reality!’

Powerball Details

What makes the US Powerball a Lottery Unicorn?

The US Powerball is undoubtedly the biggest lottery in the world. It doesn’t matter which metric you decide to use you will always come back to the same conclusions: nothing competes with the US Powerball. In fact, it may be more accurate to say that the US Powerball is the #1 lottery in the world and its size is so big that it dwarves the next 3 biggest lotteries…together!

So, why is it that the US Powerball is out so far on its own here? Why haven’t the other lottery games taken a leaf out of the industry leader and got their own games up to this level? We’re going to look at some of the key factors behind the US Powerball’s meteoric rise to the top of the lottery world and try to explain why it is where it is, and why others are struggling to catch up.


US Powerball – First to Multi-State Market

While this is not exactly true in the purest of terms as it was not the first lottery of its kind to be created, the US Powerball was the first lottery to break out beyond its original State borders and conquer the entire American lottery landscape. Currently 42 US states take part in the US Powerball. This reach is something that other lotteries such as the Californian only SuperLotto Plus can only dream of.  Nowadays with the world of online lottery taking over, the US Powerball positioned itself as the online lottery to play wherever you may be situated in the world. Being a multi-state lottery set up the Powerball to be perfectly placed to be ready for the online gold rush!


US Powerball – Jackpots Drive Players.

This point doesn’t need to be over explained, so I’ll try keep it short. Players play the lottery because of the size of the jackpot that they have the potential of winning. Survey after survey comes back with the same (dare we say it, obvious) answer.

So, people play the lottery due to the size of the jackpot. The US Powerball has a minimum jackpot of $40,000,000. No other lottery in the world comes close to this. For example, the US Mega Millions is in many ways the most similar lottery to the US Powerball in terms of scope and size. However, even the Mega Millions is put in the shade by the workings of the lottery unicorn that is the US Powerball. The Mega Millions minimum jackpot is $15,000,000 – less than half, and this is by far the biggest minimum jackpot of the other lotteries out there.

What happens most often in lottery games is that as the jackpot rolls over and grows, there is an influx of new players and old players buying multiple tickets with the off chance of hitting the rolled-over big jackpot. The US Powerball begins every draw at this level, rollovers in the US Powerball simply add to this affect. The fact that this draw only needs one rollover before the jackpot is above $50m should highlight the clear division between the unicorn and its followers.


Can the US Powerball Be Caught?

Not any time soon! There is always talks and rumors of a new lotto game coming that will have huge jackpots and multiple draws but as of now nothing has come to fruition that can compete with the US Powerball in any way. It is the unicorn of lotteries and it looks like it is going to remain that way for a while.