Set For Life Story Of Win

By | June 14, 2017

 The Fascinating Response of Set for Life Lotto Winner After winning First Prize of $20,000 each month for 20 year

A lady from Victoria, Bacchus Marsh in her forties was today informed that she was a winner of TattsLotto First Prize draw for Set for Life. This signifies that she is the recipient of $20,000 each month for the coming 20 years!

‘Oh God! Oh God! We have suffered for such a long time!’ she screamed, while crying.

‘This is totally awesome! I am pacing up and down as it is impossible for me to remain still!’

‘In life, we have not owned anything and it has been a huge challenge. Today, I feel as if I am the most fortunate lady in the entire universe!’

The ecstatic woman was overwhelmed with thrill and emotions, due to the opportunities available in life now that Set for Life had enabled this.

‘It is now possible for me to retire! For many years, it has been my wish to retire. This is because I have invested a lot of time in this work. Today, I can be available for my family and spend maximum time with them,’ she shouted.

‘I will manage to settle my debt and purchase a home! This is truly possible!

‘I will obtain a passport and travel! I shall manage to take my family to the North Pole, which is something that we have always wanted, so as to view the Northern Lights and go to Santa Claus Village!

‘We shall all embark on a cruise also! I will go through your ads to get an area that is similar to the Maldives and visit!’

According to the lady, she was very inexperienced in playing Set for Life. ‘It is hard to believe. Two months back, my mother-in-law stated that,  ‘you need to give Set for Life a try.’

‘Therefore, every week we have just been playing 2-sets for a short time,’ she remarked.

‘We only had a single set with just random figures and one set. We selected our individual numbers using our particular family numbers! At no point did I ever anticipate that we would be winners of the first prize!’

The lady purchased her winning tickets for Set for Life at Woodgrove Lotto in Melon West at Woodgrove Shopping Centre. Woodgrove Lotto owner, Angela Critelli said it made her so excited to learn that it had sold the 15th 1st prize winning entry for Set for Life.

‘This is wonderful news for our fortunate customer. It becomes even more special as it is the initial huge winning entry that we have sold from the time we assumed Woodgrove Lotto ownership just five months back.’

‘This win is an indication that dreams can turn into reality!’