An Unknown Super Lotto plus Player Holds a Ticket worth More Than $20,000

By | June 29, 2017

In East Hollywood, a Superlotto Plus player has been reported to be holding a ticket worth $20,000. The ticket is unregistered, but it had five matching numbers without a mega number. There were two tickets with five matching numbers, and the other one was sold at the Long Beach which the owner went to claim the prize. The Superlotto Plus jackpot for that Saturday draw was $39 million which is why many people tried their luck. There was no single ticket that won the jackpot, but a good number of people won bonuses.

The Winning Numbers of the Wednesday’s Draw

The Superlotto Plus winning numbers were 8, 20, 24, 27, 34, and the Mega number was 13. No one matched all of them, but at least there were two people who matched five numbers. This was the 30th draw after the ticket with six numbers was sold. This is why the jackpot is among the biggest lottery jackpots people can win since it has been accumulating for many weeks. The winning numbers are also known to have a different and new sequence because people had already formulated their own sequences based on the former occurrence of the numbers.

The Unknown Player’s Winnings

$20,000 is not a small amount of money, and it should not be left unclaimed for long. It is a life changing amount that should have been claimed several hours after the Superlotto Plus Results were announced. It is very unfortunate that people throw their tickets away after buying them because they think that there is nothing good that is going to come from their selections. You cannot claim your prize if you don’t have the ticket especially if the ticket was not registered in the super lotto plus systems.

The other winners from various divisions already claimed their rewards, but only this one is remaining. It is going to be added back to the prize pool for people to continue competing for. These incidences in which rewards go unclaimed are becoming common because people play the game for fun. It is good to play the game for fun but make sure that you claim your prize when you win. Don’t throw away your ticket because you never know what fate has in store for you. It does not matter if you have been playing the game without winning, you can become a winner anytime.

Make sure that you scan your ticket at the local super lotto retailer and confirm if you have won something or not. When you realize you have a reward, you will have to go to the super lotto authorities and ensure that you claim your reward. If you don’t go with your ticket, no reward is going to be given to you. Buy more than one ticket to increase your winning chances. In this game, you can play as many draws as you want as long as you have enough stake to buy the tickets.